ThermoSens denture : Flexible Denture

The fantastic thing about a Thermosens Partial Denture is that it is Hydrophobic so it does not absorb the saliva or bacteria of the mouth so the Partial Denture smells fresh for many years and is much more hygienic that a conventional type of Acrylic Denture. Also the Thermosens has thermoplastic properties so it can clip around adjacent teeth using it’s flexibility to give a very firm fit indeed. This way even though the material flexes as it is inserted and removed from the mouth it is still very durable and strong indeed. The Partial Denture still needs to be removed and cleaned daily like any other Denture does; even if it is just during brushing the remaining natural teeth.

Advantages of ThermoSens denture:

1. Allergy-free

If you have experienced an allergic reaction or irritation from a conventional acrylic denture, this is your solution for a less harsh bio-compatible denture.

2. Lightweight

ThermoSens dentures are lighter in weight when compared to conventional acrylic denture. They are designed to minimise the sensitivity or irritation to your gum therefore its lightweight property makes you able to wear the denture throughout the whole day without fatigue.

3. Comfortable to wear

ThermoSens is made of a different material that is nylon-like. It is softer than the acrylic denture therefore more tissue-friendly.

4. Virtually unbreakable

ThermoSens is exceptionally strong and virtually unbreakable.

5. No metal parts

ThermoSens dentures are designed metal-free therefore you don't need to worry about ugly metal showing when you smile!

We offer a FREE Consultation at Ben K Dental Lab so just get in touch for a no obligation consultation and see if this is a valid treatment option for you. Come meet us.

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